About Success in Endodontics

The “Success in Endodontics” program was originally conceived in 2008, meticulously nurtured and highly produced to its current up to date “2.0” version. The curriculum overview emphasizes conservative diagnostic principles and philosophies, a procedural flow, and resulting therapeutic affect, establishing predictable conventional endodontic therapy. Minimally invasive and evidence –based protocols pervade through out the foundation of the material.

Often words on their own do not fully translate information. Therefore we compiled a multitude of radiographs, diagrams, and clinical photos within the manual. To enrich the educational experience we developed extensive video material, which integrates with the manual, as their union wonderfully displays the endodontic concepts being described.

The program takes into account that different clinicians may feel more comfortable with various mechanical manipulations for different aspects of the endodontic procedure. Suggestions are proposed for instance that contain an emphasis of digital biomechanics, while other recommendations may gravitate the clinician for various reasons to ideas around a more rotary-based aspect of their biomechanics. Different alternatives are revealed for the assiduous student of the program.

My hope for the course allows for the clinician and patient to benefit from the material presented. We have been entrusted to render a health service that demands a very high level of knowledge and skill; and to furthering that therapeutic and educational end the program has been created.

About Jeffrey D. Krupp, DDS, MS

Dr. Krupp, a Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry. He received his postgraduate degree along with his Master of Science degree in Endodontics from Marquette University. He has been at the same location serving the greater San Jose area in Endodontics for over 35 years.