Success in Endodontics 2.0 Testimonial

Below is an excerpt from a video testimonial from Dr. Nicole Rottjakob, DDS

Nicole (On Success In Endodontics 2.0):

The most beneficial section for me was the accessing section. I liked learning how you did like the crown-down apex-up section, so the actual filing I thought was really good. Those were both really helpful. One of the most valuable pieces of knowledge I received from the accessing section was the Law of Symmetry, which I had no idea about. But that was huge. I was like that makes so much sense. We weren’t taught that in school but that makes when you’re looking for canals now, if something’s off you know to look for another. I was fully engaged the whole time.

Want to Learn more?

Success in Endodontics 2.0 is an evidence-based online endodontic textbook that shortens the learning curve to do predictable and successful endodontics. This comprehensive, continuing education program was designed for the general dentist who has completed less than 5,000 root canal procedures.

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